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An objective opinion on the value of a property or a real estate right
A real estate investment always represents a major transaction, the most important of their life for many people. If we recognize that lawyers, notaries and land surveyors take care of settling the legal aspects, the appraisal, meanwhile, is often done on an impulse or by people who have direct interests in the transaction (real estate agents , lenders, etc.). However, several factors influence the market value of a property.

Our role

The job of the accredited appraiser is to formulate an objective opinion on the value of a property or a real estate right on a given date. Prejudice, personal interests and preferences are not included in his professional approach. Member of a professional order, he must respect standards of practice and a code of ethics. He is also subject to inspections on his professional practice. In addition, professional liability insurance constitutes an additional remedy for its clientele. The accredited appraiser practices his profession in private or public practice, for the benefit of individuals, businesses, institutions or governments.

We hire the services of an accredited appraiser because his opinion is reasoned, reliable and impartial ... which makes him a valuable real estate advisor.

Regarding the value of real estate, the accredited appraiser is the professional to be consulted. Calling on its services means wanting to base its decisions on objective and reliable criteria.

AACI - A signature, a guaranteed guarantee!

Only the AACI title, used by accredited appraisers, guarantees quality services and recourse for the public.


Before admitting a candidate to practice, the Appraisal Institute of Canada ensures that he has the theoretical and practical training essential to exercise his functions. The appraiser’s training incorporates abundant concepts drawn from even the following disciplines: real estate finance, real estate law, economy, architecture, accounting, management, statistics and IT.

Property valuation legislation
A.E.I.N.B. - New Brunswick Real Estate Appraisers Association

Assented to on April 20, 1994 and adopted at the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, the law establishing the “Association of Real Estate Appraisers of New Brunswick” entered into force on January 1, 1995. This law provides that any individual involved in the practice of the real estate appraisal in this province must be registered within this association.

The law “Bill 17” defines the practice of real estate appraisal in the following way: exercise of the real estate appraisal activity which includes in particular the analysis and evaluation of a property or any right relative in view of the value of this property or of this right and in order to provide an opinion or consultation as to this value.

This law applies to all persons working in the private sector, government agencies or in any other organizations which appraise real estate according to the definitions in the law.

Real facts

To be part of this association, all appraisers must have professional insurance against errors and omissions, which is necessary for the protection of the public (clients).

In addition, each member must, in order to be accredited by the association:

  • Possess an AACI, CRA or MVA accreditation or other equivalent assignment.
  • Be part of the compulsory continuing education program.
  • Comply with the Association’s Code of Ethics and Professional Rules of Conduct.
Customers must know

Each member registered with the “New Brunswick Association of Real Estate Appraisers” must sign all appraisal reports in the same way with the mention: “NBAREA member” and the six-digit number corresponding to the member’s identification.

Evaluation 2000 Ltd

Our company benefits from the services of 3 members
registered with the N.B.A.R.E.A. :

Luc Michaud
AACI, P. App., member N.B.A.R.E.A. no. 302 807

André Mercure
CRA, P. App., member N.B.A.R.E.A. no. 903 406

Denis Voisine
Candidate, member N.B.A.R.E.A. no. 904 122

Risks VS Quality Assurance

If you hire an appraiser who is not an accredited appraiser with the Canadian Appraisal Institute, you expose yourself to multiple risks of problems.

If this person …

  • does not take out insurance protecting your rights
  • is not bound by professional secrecy
  • does not allow you legal recourse, in case of dissatisfaction
  • is in no way guaranteed by a professional corporation, order, association governed by the professional code.



properties assessed

Calling on our professional services is a matter of prudence on your part, and the assurance of unsurpassed quality!

We have an excellent reputation for expertise in mortgage financing.



Luc Michaud, B.A.A., AACI, P. APP.

President, General Director, Accredited Appraiser


Denis Voisine, B.A.

Candidate Member


André Mercure, CRA

Canadian Residential Appraiser


Elaine Boutot, B.A.

Administrative assistant


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